Well-Being Circuit

Laissez-faire, dolce far niente, lazy days, boa vida. It doesn't matter in which language. You already got the message: taking care of yourself is also part of a holiday program and a few days of rest are certainly well-deserved and welcome. And Ria de Aveiro has what you need! Perhaps the pinnacle of such a program is a visit to the spa. Spend a relaxing time in the Curia, where all kinds of treatments and a beautiful park with a lake exist. Another option are the Termas do Vale, Vale Thermal Baths and Spa, when almost reaching the Serra do Caramulo. For the Spa fans there are several alternatives to enjoy moments of perfect body and mind balance.

If you prefer to awaken your palate and feel more inclined for a wine tasting, then the region of Ria de Aveiro also has a lot to offer. Get to know the Espaço Rota da Bairrada, Bairrada Route Space, and surrender to the intense nectars coming from the vineyards of the Bairrada wineyards and then visit one of the territory's wineries. Then, if you have some time and energy  left over, you can still spend the evening in good company, lets say equestrian company, in a riding center or playing a round of golf.

To finish the evening, you can visit one of the many restaurants in the area and get delighted by the variety of available cuisine or you can peek and vibrate with a show that is on stage in the various buildings of cultural and recreational offer.

To finish and to rest, get lost in the luxury of one of the four and five stars units that Ria de Aveiro features!

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