Water Sports Circuit

From the busiest maritime waters, through the calm waters of the lagoon, to the rivers and streams of the interior, the region of Ria de Aveiro is the only place in the country with this unique conditions and offers everything you need for some cheerful days. Sail through the areas of deep water in a recreational craft, pass along the beaches and feel the pulse of a vibrant territory. If you prefer a quieter ride, choose the calm waters of the lagoon and peer into the many kilometers of Rias' channels and islands, either by boat or by canoe. Rowing and sailing are other options available for you. Enjoy and discover the salt, the "sea", the pateiras and lagoons rich in flora and fauna. Meet the two sides of Ria: the low tide and the high tide versions. You will see that they are two totally different experiences! Those who prefer strong waves, can go by kayak to the streams of the municipalities interior. But if "your thing" is really the beach, getting to know the Ria is a true paradise for surf lovers, boogie boarding, kite surfing and windsurfing. Just choose one (or more!) of these that are among the best beaches in the country to practice these sports. Have fun at the Ria!

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