Fishing route

The suggested route will inevitably pass through the Atlantic coast and around Ria de Aveiro itself. The landscapes will delight you and you will never again forget the remarkable experience to know the fishing communities that have given to this unique region a unique connection between man and water. You can unlock the secrets of the traditional Xávega art, have contact with the traditions and techniques of construction of traditional boats, watch the fishermen arrive and photograph some of the characteristic haystacks at the beaches. In São Jacinto you will meet one of the traditional fishing communities. Young children will be delighted by the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo, where, in addition to exhibits about the toil and ancient vessels miniatures, they will also see a collection of thousands of shells and even an aquarium! Get to know the Navio-Museu Santo André, a former cod fishing trawler, that was born in 1948 for fishing, and today shows how people lived and worked on board of ships heading for codfish in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Go around the traditional markets, where you will find fresh fish and seafood of the highest quality. You see, there are many reasons for a visit. The waters of Ria de Aveiro wait for you all year round!

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