Family Itinerary

Some say happiness is only there if it is shared, if we have the ones we love close to us. The territory of Ria de Aveiro can and shell be lived in family. You will see that the happiness you will feel when discovering this region,  tastes better if it is shared with your loved ones. It is even better if you are accompanied by the younger ones. We have suggestions of a number of places made for the whole family that, although with special focus on the children, are also for the other members of the family. The itinerary can start with a sightseeing tour through the canals of Aveiro city and the vastness of Ria de Aveiro in the traditional and colorful Moliceiros (typical Aveiro boats). This boat, formerly used for the moliço catching, is now used for family tours. Alternatively, you can choose to know Ria channels by aquatic bicycle, which will be a delight for your kids! If you prefer, there are also the Bugas, bicycles to rent with no cost and that provide an absolute guarantee of fun. Other suggestions include the Museu do Brincar, Museum of Play, (what could the children possibly want more?), an interpretive center, a museum with an aquarium, a candy factory, a park and even a ship to be explored. An irresistible itinerary even for the adults!

Routes suggestions
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