The Birdwatching Circuit

Aveiro's lagoon is the largest wetland in the northern half of Portugal and a paradise for bird watching lovers! Classified as Special Protection Area, its marshes and seagrass are very important estuarine habitats. The habitats, especially the salt marshes, lagoons and dunes, are of particular importance for the waterfowls' nesting. There are several different types and locations for bird watching. One of the most relevant ones is the Reserva Natural das Dunas de S. Jacinto, near barra de Aveiro, with heavy concentrations of birds, especially in the autumn and winter. Whereas the Estarreja county has the Salreu-Canelas area, which includes part of the Ria known as Baixo-Vouga Lagunar with both freshwater and seawater, including a kind of clipped habitat for multiple creeks, ditches, marshes, reeds and rushes. You can walk along the sea and the Esteiro de Salreu, through the Salreu Route, and explore the wildlife. Perfect for the practice of birdwatching are still the SPAs (Special Protection Areas) of Pateira de Fermentelos and Pateira de Frossos, considered wetlands of high ecological wealth. Count also on the "marinhas" (salt production zones) of Troncalhada, São Roque e Santiago da Fonte, and other areas of ornithological importance, such as the mouth of Cáster, the River Boco and the Lagoa do Paraíso ("paradise lagoon"). Take the binoculars and feel the natural side of Ria de Aveiro in loco!

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