Ria with History

Ria de Aveiro registers a set of stories that have been strengthened over time. Something curious happened when, in the sixteenth century, the region was going through an unstable period due to the impediment of the river to touch the sea. One of the most remarkable places of worship in the area was built during the Philippine domain: the Misericordia Church. Since then, religion,  very typical for people that throw themselves overboard, has been occupying a prominent position in the region. Other religious monuments , like the Arouca Convent, built in the tenth century in honor of St. Peter, existed before the Misericordia Church.

The heritage around Ria de Aveiro was lifted up over the centuries. 

This region is rich in Art Nouveau and Baroque heritage, where a myriad of other monuments marked by color, by pottery and by the typical tiles are not missing. The Municipal Library of Albergaria-a-Velha, known as "Casa do Torreão", is one of the landmarks of the region. Its facade, as well as most architectural elements, remain intact.

The ancient Convent of the Carmelites in Aveiro, through which over 200 years of history have passed, has been recovered and is now the Citizenship site, a multifunctional space which is intended to promote culture and where the information technologies, the communications and the creativity have a privileged space. The Codfish Aquarium of the Ílhavo Museum has been structured in three dimensions: a museum, a research center and also an aquarium. The aim is to promote the seafaring culture, the culture of the region. The Curia spa, a thermal center of national and Iberian reference, has the propitious environmental conditions to the full enjoyment of its natural charms.

The Costa Nova Market, on another level, is  a traditional bazaar recreated in a modern space, wrapped in bright, cheerful colors, and structured to serve the clients but also the local fishing community. It is well equipped and has all the necessary equipment to efficiently preserve the quality of the fish. Furthermore, it also has a restaurant, a special selling area of cooked seafood and shops.

Buçaquinho Park in Esmoriz (Ovar) is, from a leisurely point of view, a green, cool and relaxing place. These are 25 hectares where you can observe birds, exercise or simply relax on a bench. The north bank of the river Águeda connects the former Institute of Vine and Wine to the Praça da República through a very pleasant pathway. Come and discover it! It has a great location for watching the heritage of the entire Ria de Aveiro. The heritage of the Ria has many stories and also tells many stories. Come and meet it!