On Board of the Moliceiro Boat

This trip is without any doubt the most fascinating one you can do at Ria de Aveiro. To navigate on board of a Moliceiro boat is also traveling back in time. Before you embark on this sensory journey, be aware that these watercrafts were conceived for the collection and transportation of the moliço, an aquatic plant formerly used as an agricultural fertilizer.

The Moliceiro, painted with bright colors, exhibits unique decorative panels and popular expressions that capture the attention of all tourists.

Occasionally the Ria receives the famous Moliceiro races, that fill the waters with high, yellow sails, many colors and elegance. These moments also aim to show that the tradition is still as it was before!

Take the chance to contemplate the landscape and the main points of interest at Ria de Aveiro shores.

If you are a nature fancier, then you could also do a trip including the experience of Birdwatching and get a closer look to the purple heron, the flamingo groups or the fish hawk, among other species that find their natural habitat at the Ria.

While in the city watercourses, the guides hang at the boat's bow and explain the past of these traditional watercrafts.  The Moliceiro trip allows to integrate different activities and to make strategic stops. Participate in the traditional exploitation of  Ria's salt, visit the Cais dos Bacalhoeiros and observe the boats that used to leave from here to the remote Terra Nova seas for fishing codfish. Explore the Ecomuseu Marinha da Troncalhada right at the entrance of the city, which shows the traditional methods of salt production in guided tours. But it's not all.

Let yourself get also enchanted by the Art Noveau buildings and monuments, like the Casa do Major Pessoa, the Edifício da Casa dos Ovos Moles, among other architectural legacies. The various pedestrian bridges, that cross the waterways, are ornamented with flowers and provide the city, also famous for being the "Portuguese Venice", with a sort of romanticism.

With the journey ending, don't go away without tasting the famous ovos-moles, typical regional delicacy and a part of Aveiro's conventual tradition.

Finally browse through the little handicraft shops and take with you a replica of a Moliceiro made by the skillful hands of the local craftsmen.

Embark in the adventure of a Ria that is the "Passion that unites us!".