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Ria de Aveiro, your next stop

Stretching for 45 km alongside the Atlantic Ocean and with 11 km wide, the “Ria de Aveiro” lagoon is located at the Center of Portugal and includes eleven cities plenty of colour and culture, flavours and sports. Here you will find an assorted supply of resources and touristic services to support the nautical tourism.

Sea arrivals are welcomed by the Portuguese tallest lighthouse and the friendly Port of Aveiro, the biggest at the Center of Portugal, which, depending on the ships size, will help you to find the perfect location for staying during your visit. It can be either in the port or one of the many docks of “Ria de Aveiro”.

Golden and sandy blue flagged Atlantic beaches, several quieter lagoon beaches and miles of channels, perfect to relax, engage in nautical activities or just enjoy this striking territory. The salty lagoon provides the perfect ambiance for learning or enjoying a wide variety of nautical sports like sail, surf, bodyboard, kitesurf, dive, paddle surf, canoe or kayak, fish. There are numerous schools devoted to teach these sports, rent material or gather practitioners to attend organized events and competitions all year long. Boat rides are also available so you can get to know better this blue destiny. Naval construction has a strong presence not just for the traditional local boat – “Moliceiro”, but also for comercial and touristic boats construction, maintenance and repair.

Located in an important environmentally classified area, birdwatching is a truly rewarding activity making biodiversity an example of the Ria’s natural values. Cycling is one of the most traditional and common way to travel within “Ria de Aveiro”, discovering the fishing communities or the mountain villages, but you can also travel by bus, train or car in a perfectly safe and welcoming environment.

From surf camps to five star hotels, lots of lodgement is available to receive you. The delicacies in “Ria de Aveiro” include shellfish, all sorts of grilled fresh fish or fish stews, codfish, eels or lamprey and more earthy foods like wood oven roasted piglet or the surprising wines from “Bairrada”. Marine Salt production is a traditional part of the local economy as well as the intensely rich and so tasteful local sweets such as “Ovos Moles”, “Pão de Ló” and those based on fresh blueberries. Extraordinary museums and cultural facilities allow you to integrate in our exciting cultural gatherings and celebrations.

At “Ria de Aveiro” you can be sure you’ll live nature and local culture, enjoy your favourite sports or learn others, eat rather delicious and simple food, enjoy the sea and the mountains, have fun and make friends. What are you waiting for?