Sports and Leisure

The Ria de Aveiro is the perfect place for observing and experiencing.  Whether you are looking for great adventures or for relaxation, it will be hard for you to choose between those two options.

With a vast water extension, the lagoon has an environment that represents a true chimera for those in love with nautical sports. Its deep-water area allows not only the navigation of leisure boats, but also the presence of explorers that burst into the waters in mere canoes. Besides these, you can enjoy other sports such as rowing, sailing, surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing.

Sport and leisure fishing is another regional attraction. The hundreds of kilometers of the shores are an oasis for those who appreciate marine preys. Sea breams, Cuttlefish, Morays, Sea bass, Octopus, Shrimps, Crabs and Cockles are the most abundant ones and are available to both amateurs or professionals, whether they are coming by themselves or in groups. There is always space for one more person, because the motto of the Ria is to embrace everyone.

And if there is a lot to do in the water, there is even more to be done on shore. Visit islands, streets, salt fields and beaches. Appreciating the fauna and flora in the pedestrian paths or finding out the secrets of the region in the routes for two-wheeled vehicles, are suggestions that connect sports, leisure and the discovery of a vast and rich territory.

For each experience to be unique and unforgettable, POLIS Litoral Ria de Aveiro program reinforced the dune system between Costa Nova and Mira, rehabilitated and reinforced the lagoon shores and upgraded the fishing nucleus. It also created pedestrian and bike paths suitable for both dynamics and it is therefore that this area has become a meeting point for bike lovers.

Once again, whilst respecting the balance between nature and the human intervention, the Ria de Aveiro stands out for the protection of diverse habitats, which invite us for so many different adventures along the regions capabilities.

Ria de Aveiro is inviting everyone. Explore and get involved in this "Passion that unites us".