Heritage and Culture

The streets, buildings and people are part of the heritage of the Ria de Aveiro region. Here, there are paths in which you can lose yourself, streets to discover, museums and chapels to visit. Art Nouveau houses and their colors, the accent, the glances and the smiles of those who know how to welcome others.

The origins of this territory have made it into a rich and complete space, where par excellence the handicraft stands out. This activity occupies since early days a crucial place in the region's development.

From the ceramics stand out the tiling, tinwork, wood, rags, wrought iron, basketry, lacework and of course, embroidery, which became unique products in the country. Going towards the local people, inside their worlds, is the hemisphere of new deep roots with habits that have been lasting over generations.

The art of traditional fishing, officially known as Arte Xávega, or the trips in the canals in typical boats called Moliceiros (traditional boat of the region) are traditions you cannot miss.

Being aware of these treasures, POLIS Litoral Ria de Aveiro has oriented the upgrading interventions to boost the quality of the territory water resources and the experience of these activities even more.

The canals accesses, riverbeds and shores were cleaned and the specific characteristics of each area were kept while valuing and defending the environmental heritage. Thereby conditions for an increased valorization and maintenance of the fishing art, a traditional activity, that also represents a component of economic sustainability for the region, have been created.

Besides the water and land heritage, Ria de Aveiro is also the stage of many interesting cultural and leisure events.

Theaters and exhibitions venues enrich the cultural offer of the region by providing literature sessions, workshops, conferences, seminars and music performances that are only a few of many available options.

The  symbiosis between nature and traditions, merged with an increasingly sophisticated culture have transformed the region in a multiple experiences attraction for those who visit it whether on business or for pleasure.

Visit the Ria, a place of history and culture. Get to know Ria and get to know yourself.