It comes as no surprise that one of the secrets of the gastronomy of the Ria de Aveiro region comes from the waters. Nevertheless, the diversity of flavors and aromas goes way beyond the waters. Made of small traditions that intertwine in a major one, Ria de Aveiro inspires traditions and exhales admirers.

From the ocean and the river different kinds of Clam, Cockle, Witch shrimp, Bream, Eels, Lampreys and Flounders arrive. But also Macroalgae, Bass, Salicornia, Camarinha and Oysters.

In this delicacies fertile territory, the preserves are transformed and the Codfish is finalized. The tender Marinhoa meat is raised here and also the salt and fleur de sal are extracted.

The regional gastronomy reflects the different populations and territory bio diversities, thus expressing themselves in delicacies that go from typical soup recipes up to the countless codfish recipes. Also the always fresh eels' and fish stew cannot be missing. But, in the regions' menus, the meats are wanted, whether it's goat or lamb cooked in the traditional chanfana (typical Portuguese meat dish cooked in black clay recipients, in wood stoves) or the suckling pig - how well it tastes when accompanied with Bairrada sparkling wine!

And, if the confection of acclaimed traditional dishes is kept in secret, than that of the deserts is even more. Ovos-moles (local delicacy made of egg yolks and sugar), Pão-de-Ló de Ovar (a kind of sponge cake from Ovar), Cavacas (cupcake style pastry), Raivas (Portuguese cinnamon butter cookies) and Regueifa Doce (kind of sweet bread) are only some of the examples that sharpen the beginners' palates of this journey of flavors.

Some even point fingers for these gastronomic pleasures. Partly to blame is the water's richness. Sweet and salty. From the Vouga and the Atlantic Ocean. Another part is the fertile soil. Some even think it's the sun. Or the wind that undulates.

But the significant part goes to all the dedicated and experienced confectioners and male and female cooks, who mix the native regional ingredients and thereby create indecipherable flavors and non-imitable specialties. After all, there's nothing better than adding a bit of fondness to provide even more flavor than it already has.

Those who visit and taste what the region has to offer, are seen leaving with flavors and aromas in their memory, that make them come back and experience the tasting of such wide gastronomic richness again.

Everything is fertile at Ria! Everything is good at Ria!